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Welcome to Zion Lutheran Preschool!


Entering a preschool is an exciting milestone in your child’s life. Your child and you are embarking on a journey that will lead you on many roads of discovery and learning, we hope you allow us to share these roads and discoveries with you.
Classes offered

Two Year Olds                 Tuesday & Thursdays  9:30-11:30


Designed to get little feet into a consistent social setting and partner with your family to build self-esteem, compassion for others, social development and a joy of learning. Our focus is to help reduce separation anxiety for both child and caregiver, while exploring God, shapes, colors, numbers, and seasons through stories, crafts, and play.   


Three Year Olds  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 9:30-12:00


A stable, nurturing environment creates relationships and enriching experiences leading to intellectual, emotional and spiritual development.  With BOZ the green bear next door, our children explore the faith values you practice in your home.  We offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum in the form of creative, engaging and interactive lessons and activities that encourage a lifelong love for learning.


Four Year Olds         Mon., Tues., Weds., & Thurs. 9:15-12:15

Children experience Christ’s love and learn about the Gospel at an early age. Children learn about unconditional love and build a positive sense of self-worth and a strong regard for others, which they carry with them for the rest of their lives. Children learn the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards through experiential learning and guidance of credentialed teachers. Our curriculum is written to help children live into their experiences (hands-on, play, games, group interaction, socialization, etc.).  The expectation/goal for completion of this program is mastery of preschool standards, ensuring they are ready for kindergarten. 

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